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“God introduced the Ten Commandments with the words “Anochi – Havaya – Elokecha – Asher Hotzeiticha Mei’Eretz Mitzrayim Mibeit Avadim.” “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, the house of slavery.” Understood this way, the sentence is a basic introduction to the fundamental guiding principles of this same God. Consider reading the words like this: “I am ‘Anochi’; I am also ‘Havaya’; moreover, I am ‘Elokecha’; and by descending through this process, I am “the one who brought you out of the Land of Egypt.” This opens up the possibility of finding a different understanding of God’s identity and the process whereby His Essence was revealed to this world. In The Anochi Project: Seeking God’s Identity, Paul M. Hamburger analyzes all 141 references to Anochi in the Torah and finds a deeper understanding of how we can relate to God’s Essence and how God wants to relate to us.

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Living Jewish - Tetzaveh

“What stimulates someone to learn more about Chassidus? It might be a charismatic rabbi. Sometimes it is an important life event. Perhaps it is even a l’chaim with some tasty cho- lent! But sometimes one’s interest in Chassidus is stimulated simply by sitting and learning Chassidus.That’s what happened to Shlomo Hamburger (a partner in the interna- tional law firm Proskauer Rose LLP and a member of the International Advisory Board for Chabad on Campus International) some 10 years ago. He was studying one of the Rebbe’s sichas on Parshas Yisro where the Rebbe explained the sig- nificance of the word “Anochi” as a reference to G-d’s Essence.” Read article

A Night Of Learning - Jewish News

Hamburger is coming back to the Detroit area to teach some insights from his new book, The Anochi Project: Seeking God’s Identity.
Hamburger is an author of several legal books and articles, but this is his first effort at publishing on Jewish texts and philosophy. One of the first questions people ask when they see the book is, “How long did it take to write such a treatise?” Hamburger’s first response is always “59 years!”
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